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by | Jan 12, 2017 | ELECTRICIAN | 0 comments

Has the time come to look into your own PV Solar System?  As large public owned corporations and powerful water authorities with large asset values, which are able to leverage those assets,  then that enables them to build their own power sources.  Who will get stuck with those revenue shortfalls?  Maybe you or the local small business owner running a yogurt shop.

These above-mentioned parties will soon find that establishing their own renewable power sources such as a solar farm and battery storage facilities is a win, win business solution.

Electricity usage is the U.S. is becoming stagnant.  So power distribution (power plant) companies will not show significant growth as far as their EPS (earnings per share) is concerned.  Then comes the transmission power companies, if their not modifying or changing out transmission components/equipment then it hurts their bottom line also.  Can’t continue to depreciate the same power lines and substations forever.

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