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Innovations… why?

by | Mar 1, 2017 | ELECTRICIAN | 0 comments

So whats with the word ‘Innovations’ in my company name?  Can one even consider innovation installing steel conduit, pulling wire, and turning a switch on?

During my time acquiring my C10 license thru CSLB, attending 40 hour solar courses with Everblue. I got involved with LEED.  I even went as far as receiving my LEED Green Associate certificate(although I got busy and let it expire, that was a bummer).  After taking those courses I started to think, my trade is more than wire and light bulbs.  Electrical contractors should get involved with LEED, it’s a means of ‘Innovation’ at their finger tips as they review bid specifications and drawings.

I chose that word because I  want to be a little out of the ordinary, of your typical electrical contractor when the opportunity rises.  I believe there’s a lot of opportunity in my profession.  In a recent circuit breaker trouble call, I noticed something besides that. Their pool pump was being feed by one circuit breaker. Ok big deal.  Well in the electrical world, that load could be reduced almost in half by pulling an additional hot circuit.   And in addition to that, the pump was due to be replaced.  So the cost to run the pool was reduced and a programmable pump was installed.  In about eight months the whole job was paid off with a lower electrical bill.

So next time when a call comes by, yes change out the switch. Although suggest to use a motion sensor device with switch feature.  This in the long run will reduce electrical usage.  The movement of safe reliable electricity is a convenience, it shouldn’t be a burden to your finances.

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