E&G Electrical Innovations


During troubleshooting a 120/240 volt circuit at an RV Park site, measured 89 volts to neutral and 150 volts to neutral at numerous pedestals. A pedestal upstream of irregular voltages, found this burnt copper wire disconnected from circuit. Clean up wires and spliced...

Tenant electrical usage tool

This is a fair priced electrical usage meter that monitors and measures kWh usage that your tenant(s) are using. Can also be viewed online through the use of a Push Communications device via Ethernet or...

Direct burial residential service wires

Due to utility company at the time of development in 1970's in this neighborhood, they used direct burial #2 AWG ALUMINUM TW cable, bottom feeders. We were limited to a Eaton 125 ampere main panel upgrade. They are now able to add ac unit and PV rooftop...

Electrical connectors

I have never been a fan of plug in connectors for convenience receptacles. Perhaps too much expansion and contraction caused by heat(current flow). I'll stick to wire nuts. Thank goodness for the circuit breaker that it...

Residential PV solar

Installed a 3.3 KW PV SOLAR system using LG 330 modules with ENPHASE IQ7-2-US-240 microinverters, Ironridge racking system in city of Santee,CA.
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