E&G Electrical Innovations

My journey to becoming an electrician

At the time that I choose to be an electrician, I was a junior attending Santa Fe High School in the city of Santa Fe Springs , California.   I enlisted into the US Navy in August 7, 1990 at the age of 17 into  the Delayed Entry Program.  Since I joined(with  parents...
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Innovations… why?

So whats with the word 'Innovations' in my company name?  Can one even consider innovation installing steel conduit, pulling wire, and turning a switch on? During my time acquiring my C10 license thru CSLB, attending 40 hour solar courses with Everblue. I got involved...
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Renewable Power Sources

Has the time come to look into your own PV Solar System?  As large public owned corporations and powerful water authorities with large asset values, which are able to leverage those assets,  then that enables them to build their own power sources.  Who will get stuck...
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